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Coinguide is a passionate crypto provider, who understands its users’ needs and the importance of Crypto ATM’s in providing a seamless, simple way, to buy bitcoin or Ethereum. We have the market knowledge and experience in crypto currency markets and unrivalled knowledge and expertise with Crypto ATMs.


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We use world leading exchanges and wallet services, so your transactions are safe with us.


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CTM - ATM Online Exchange
Private/ Secure   Offline for KYC & buying   Always online and exposed
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Setup / Trade   5 Minutes   2 Hours to 48 Hours
Payment Method   Cash / Other   Credit or bank transfer

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Identify one of our locations online. Bring in new bank notes or locate a nearby ATM to withdraw cash. Bring your current Drivers license or Passport along.



Verify your identify by adding your name, email address, phone number and then take a picture of your ID using our camera.



Select your Coin – bitcoin or Ether and Buy or Sell option. Now enter in the amount you want to buy in Aud. Next insert your cash or tap your Gpay or Applepay wallet.



Use the most supported hot wallet, Coinbase Wallet and Scan the QR code to receive your coins and wait for the receipt to print. Welcome to the crypto club.


We are not the first to market in the bitcoin ATM space, but we believe life is all about timing. At coinguide, we are customer centric, experienced and knowledgeable. We understand our customer’s needs, the state of the crypto market and the importance of Bitcoin or crypto ATMs  to facilitate crypto buying for older Australians, tradies and Students, who use crypto as an investment. Our founder,  has been a passionate participant in crypto since 2014.

Coinguide, your crypto cash trading, go to place.

about atm

Australian Bitcoin ATM

We are moving into a future where everything we know about currency will change. Coinguide has launched a type of Australian bitcoin ATM, where you don’t have to use online banking or your debit/credit card anymore to buy crypto. You don’t have to wait 2 hours to 10 hours or two to five days so that the crypto exchange, the banks, third party middle men, can approve your account or so you can pass the KYC ( ID checks) process. With our machines, you can purchase bitcoin using just cash and depositing it straight into your wallet and be verified.

The world is moving forward with bitcoin and digital currencies and some companies accept bitcoin as payment such as Subway Australia with 1400 stores, and others are starting to pay their employees in bitcoin, like and, Dentists in all states and landscapers and small services companies are accepting payments via bitcoin. Big businesses are getting in on the act, like NBA teams, such as the, Sacramento Kings, who have players they want to receive their salaries in bitcoin. How amazing is?

Benefits Of a Bitcoin ATM in Australia

Having bitcoin ATMs in Australia allows the non-technical people, the dis-enfranchised, to buy bitcoin without the jargon, the fuss and the hurdles placed by big exchanges. Kids can buy bitcoin from our machines as long as they have ID using cash. Bitcoin, use to have such a stigma behind it, but all of that is about to change. With bitcoin ATMs, everyone will feel much more comfortable buying bitcoin. Gone are the days of having to stress every time you log into an online exchange, hoping that nothing will go wrong. You don’t own your coins you hold on exchanges, where as bitcoin ATMs deposit your bitcoin into your choice of hot or cold or paper wallet.

  • The steps to follow to buy your bitcoin are straightforward. Select buy Bitcoin, verify your mobile number, upload your ID and email, to verify that you will be the buyer. Please keep in mind that compliance and ease, is our main objective. After you have done all this, scan your wallet QR code and deposit the cash into the machine, receive the funds straight into your wallet and take your printed receipt

  • Using an ATM to buy bitcoin is easy with cash, as there are less checks and hurdles. You only need to find an ATM close to you, and you can buy bitcoin within 5 minutes.

  • You will also receive receipts just like with a regular ATM, although it won’t be necessary because you’ll have the transaction recorded in your wallet.

  • Seeing as Bitcoin is decentralised, it ensures security and privacy and lower fees, with less middle men, slowing down the transfer times and increasing the cost of buying, unlike with any banking transactions. Digital money is secure from hacks and it is private and owned and controlled by the buyer.


What Is a Bitcoin ATM Card?

It works almost the same way a standard debit card works, but instead of fiat currency, you transfer bitcoin onto it. There are two different types of cards, and you can choose a virtual card or select a physical card. The one you choose will depend on your spending habits.

Virtual card

If you are someone who mainly shops online, this is the card for you. You can acquire this card through coinguide or refer to our crypto card providers list online. By creating an account, you will be able to receive your card. A virtual card is also the cheaper option between the two.

Physical card

His card is precisely what it says. It’s the same as the debit card you receive from your bank. You can acquire this card the same way as you did the virtual one, except the fees are a bit higher, but you will be able to use this at any shop and ATM that accepts Eftpos or Visa typically, and you will be able to draw out cash, by converting Bitcoin to cash, meaning you’ll receive fiat currency in exchange for your bitcoin.


How it works when you want to use the card to buy something from a shop or online. You deposit the bitcoin onto your card, and then the card will automatically exchange the bitcoin to standard fiat currency, and you can buy something. Still, you can only load the card with bitcoin through your wallet, not through a regular banking app.

Always make sure the company you get your crypto card from is reputable and reviewed by Coinguide.

About Coinguide BTM Machines Sydney

We have been involved in the crypto space since 2017 giving us the knowledge and expertise to help you on your way to investing in bitcoin and Ethereum. We believe in educating our clients on the importance of crypto and how to use it wisely. As a licensed provider,  you can buy bitcoin with confidence. We believe in the protection of privacy which is why we will protect yours.

Send us a message via the online enquiry form for more information.