Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding how to use Bitcoin ATMs can be complicated for some customers. Here are some answers.


General Inquiries

1) You will need current ID – drivers license or passport. A mobile phone and email address which is registered to you.

2) Download a Hot Wallet App to your smart phone – We suggest the Coinbase Wallet or a Cold wallet like a Trezor or Ledger Wallet.

3) When buying: Bring sufficient cash to exchange into bitcoins or Ethereum. No Credit cards. There are bank ATMs close to our machines or near most of our ATMs. Call us or email us, if you need help getting to our machines.

The minimum BUY transaction is just $50! The minimum SELL transaction is $250. The maximum BUY or SELL is $9,950 AUD per transaction, per person within the first 30 days and per person per day. Call us ON 1300 704 675 if you want to buy more and we can further verify you and offer you OTC pricing.

Please contact us via ID verification form.  

Crypto ATM’s are far more Private and secure than online exchanges, on top of being quick, as we are only online for verification; most buy or sells occur on the blockchain, from wallet to wallet and not via an exchange. This makes our process  more secure.  Our machines are insured and bolted.

Our Fees are transparent and upfront fee of 10% including.  Trade fee is 5% our market BID/ASK spread fee is 3% and our currency and exchange fee is 2% – 3% and $11 fee to cover sms, account keeping fees. Note: other ATM providers disguise their fees by marking up the price of their bitcoin or currencies.  This can  amount to 10% – 20%. We choose to tell you what we charge which makes up our 10% Trade fee, which is more transparent than hiding it in the bitcoin price. our fees are very market competitive for cash crypto purchases.

As far as we are aware, we are the only Licensed Digital Currency Exchange Bitcoin ATM provider that clearly displays our license in compliance with Austrac requirements. Our digital currency license Number is DCE100699282-001. You may contact Austrac. www.austrac.gov.au on 1300 021 037 to verify our license to legally operate our crypto trading machines.
We have a clear KYC/AML/CTF policy that governs our operations in compliance with Australian law and we are members of Crypto Valley World Association. Who provide us with guidance information.

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