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Coinguide is a crypto exchange operator, educator and your guide for all matters crypto. We are a licensed Crypto ATM provider, with many first to market services. 


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Coinguide’s Competitive, modern ATM’s, with simple software and simplicity of setup, makes us a great choice for Bitcoin ATM Sydney customers who prefer cash as a method to acquire their crypto.



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about Ethereum

Buy Ethereum at a Coinguide ATM

Why buy Ethereum at a Coinguide ATM?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the crypto market with over 5000 different projects. Ethereum, is faster and cheaper than bitcoin and it is a platform for developers and creators on new digital technology. Ethereum value is derived from its gas fees, its use cases and speculators. Using a coinguide ATM is the quickest way to by Ethereum for cash

Quick Facts About Ethereum

Ethereum is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to develop businesses using the Ethereum blockchain and its native currency Ether. Ethereum is the creator and concept originator of ‘smart contracts’ which has revolutionised the crypto currency eco system and heightened interest from governments and regulators due to reduction in court time by the use of smart contracts in commercial agreements. For these reasons and due to high level of earnings from gas fees generated by users of the Ethereum platform, this crypto is a must have for all new crypto investors and you can purchase Ethereum at a Coinguide ATM in Australia.


  • Ethereum was launched in 2015 and offers a platform for developing apps. It is fast and has many use applications
  • The currency unit of Ethereum is called an ether, and gas is the term for the unit used for paying the miners who validate all transactions within the Ethereum realm.
  • An ether derives its value from a combination of factors, including the amount of gas paid based on the complexity of the block, whether it was lent or borrowed, used as payment for goods and services, and the interest earned on a transaction.

Why an Ethereum ATM is Cost-Effective

Irrespective of whether you view cryptocurrencies as a great investment opportunity or you require a few “coins” for social or service transactions, it is hard to refute, that, the number of local businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as payment is steadily increasing. The obvious fact remains that the easiest way to acquire bitcoin or Ethereum is with cash as you do not have the verification hurdles as there are less third party verifies, like with electronic Australian dollar purchases. Our Bitcoin Trading Machines, also colloquially called Bitcoin ATMs – are the most convenient and the fastest way to purchase Ethereum.

  • The purchasing process takes under five minutes to complete, and all you need is a minimum of $50 and your driver’s licence or passport. (The identification is for AML/CTF/KYC compliance and is a legal requirement).
  • Our fee structure is completely transparent and, on the whole, one of the lowest in the bitcoin ATM sector, being just 10% of the transaction value in return for the ease and convenience and cash buying offered by our ATMs.
  • In addition to the short time spent completing the transaction, your purchase of ether is available in your wallet for use, within an average transfer time of 15 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Buying Ethereum from a coinguide ATM in Australia is fast and secure. The machine only goes online when you do a transaction and sometimes not when you buy from the machine’s local wallet. Your private keys remain in your possession at all times, unlike with some online exchanges, which may expose you to the risk of key person fraud.

If you have any questions regarding an Ethereum ATM in Australia or wish to install one in your shop, contact us today.

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