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Discovering Crypto ATM Locations With Coinguide ATM’s

If you have been finding it difficult to track down accessible and reliable crypto ATM locations, we have got you covered. Besides providing comprehensive guides on the buying and selling process. describing and discussing the most widely used cryptocurrencies via social media, we also support our clients with several services related to these digital currencies.


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Related Services we Provide to Bitcoin ATM Locations in Australia

To provide a wide array of services to our discerning clients, we are constantly developing our company and technologies to accommodate changes in the marketplace. This enables us to be at the forefront of digital currency consulting, education , allowing our clients to be aware of and in control of their assets. Our services include:

  • Buying Bitcoin and soon many more crypto currenices on our Coinguide ATM machines.
  • Private Trades over $10,000 ( reported to Austrac)
  • Education and learning via our sister sites on crypto currency
  • Merchant listing directory and support for small businesses accepting bitcoin

What you Should Know About Using a Coinguide Bitcoin ATM in Sydney

Our transaction machines mainly deal with two types of digital currencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum. These currencies form part of the most commonly traded digital currencies and have distinctively different characteristics from traditional, physical currencies or assets.
  • Bitcoin first traded in 2009, with a fixed limit of ₿21,000,000 coins that will ever be minted Bitcoin has a mining cost of $7.77 USD ( on average) , with a transfer duration of between 5 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Ethereum was created and released by the Ethereum Foundation, which has six founders. Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Joseph Lubin, Charles Hoskingson in 2015. Since 2020, Ethereum has a total of 91,994,515 users, who pay a 0.9461 USD mining fee.
  • When you visit one of our coinguide Bitcoin ATM transaction machines you can easily purchase bitcoin or Ethereum, using any wallet application of your choice. This enables you to take control of your digital currencies safely and securely.

What You Can Expect From a coinguide, Sydney Bitcoin ATM

We believe in making digital currencies accessible to the community, by making the buying process easy, but being compliant with the laws as we are the only licensed Bitcoin ATM provider in Australia. Coinguide ATM machines are convenient and easy for anyone, ranging from students, pensioners, travellers and small business owners. Learn more about bitcoin and crypto currencies by visting our website –

So you can learn about which wallet to use, how to protect your crypto or just learn more about the history of crypto currencies and how to invest. To make use of one of our machines you should:

  • First, locate a Coinguide Bitcoin ATM close to you.
  • Make sure you bring, along a valid: ID Document: Drivers license, Photo Card or Passport
  • Bring cash in $100 notes or $50 notes. $100 notes means less time feeding in cash
  • We will verify your, mobile number, email and ID so you are verified to buy bitcoin
  • After verifying your ID, you can buy BITCOIN or Ethereum, which you can either buy or sell using cash or another electronic payment method such as Gpay or Alipay which is coming soon. You can use ANY wallet; Hot or Cold; to buy your bitcoin or Ethereum from our coinguide ATM Machines. If you use the coinbase wallet, you will pay $0 ZERO mining fees. That right, its one of our competitive advantages.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Coinguide ATM’s

Since we started providing our digital currency services in the Australian market in 2020, we have been customer focused. Our goal is and always has been to support our customers with their bitcoin buying, by promoting a simple process to buy and use digital currencies on in a user friendly way. Stock trading is a notoriously difficult industry to enter without much prior knowledge and can often be detrimental to those unsure about what to do. In the case of digital currencies, we make buying bitcoin and Ethereum easy for older Australians, without the Jargon and by reducing the red tape of online exchanges and without any computer skills needed to navigate online peer to peer or order book crypto exchanges. By using our store locator, you can easily find a nearby Bitcoin ATM machine and start your digital currency journey with us.

There is no easier way to get you hands on the scarcest resource in the world. BITCOIN. You can do this at one of our Bitcoin ATM locations around Sydney. To learn more about digital currencies, wallets, crypto cards, and to learn more go to send us a form request for more information or add us on our Whatsapp or Telegram groups to stay in touch. We value your business and always aim to do are very best to meet your needs.

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